When was in 300 acres of lavish mausoleums Scenic landscapes and an eclectic collection of famous politicians soldiers musicians business people women's rights Pioneers artists and writers buried here woodlawn is a treat for the livin woodline was created1963 as a more accessible alternative to Brooklands Greenwood Cemetery woodline was a short train ride from Midtown rest in a copy of a 15th century French Chapel originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci F W WoolwortAnd I'm famous made do in an Egyptian revival style team designed by John Russell Pope complete was thinks the Interiors of the mausoleum Scooby is a leveret is the exteriors wonderful glass Torino volts and Tiffany Windows Renaissance inspired rooms with stained glass and gilded candle holders with the gothic inspired Arches and capitalBut would like contains monuments is varied is the people they are near this wave Like commemorative sculpture honest people who died during the sinking of the TitaniDoes obelisk marks for George griddle the founder of the first autobahn Society lays in contrast women's rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton reporter Nellie bly in Murcia la la Guardia have simple markers at Grace's the stone for WC handy the father of the blues the great Duke Ellington live alongside his parents would line is one of the country's great Wirral cemeteries and it is now a national historic landmark the Woodlands Conservancy offers a variety of Tours and programs for visitors you can also just sit and enjoy the beauty of this remarkable place