Salama da sugo is a New Year tradition in Ferrara

Corso Porta Reno, 28, 44121 Ferrara FE, Italia  


Don't show it to others sausages eat sausages cold last salaaSo has been for over 500 years the undisputed Queen Ferraris cuisine The Dukes and duchesses a Ferrara such as article 8 and Isabella d'este it called it an aphrodisiac luxury of their Court the calm seductivThe po delta to preparing only certain parts of the pig carefully selected liver tongue neck cheek and Believe by meat and mixtures steeped in red wine fortified with masala or rump pepper sauce syn salaam is kept for at least six months in a well ventilated but not that's how the witchcraft of Ferrari is donIt's a mystery that the kitty cat also captured in his metaphysical paintings for New Year for Salam it is taken off of it hook and boiled in a pan for 5 hours with a multitude of precautions it is then openeMashed potato it's a custom that's been repeated for 5 century identical every year from the Renaissance to the present day which of today's recipes will still be here in 5 seconds