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This is one of my absolute favourite moments in both the books and the films when Harry discovers number 12 grimmauld place no grimmauld place is the headquarters of the Order oAnd it is also the ancestral home of the Black family of which Sirius Black is Harry's Godfather in the opening few scenes of the Order of the Phoenix Harry and slide along the Thames along with alastor moody Tonks and several other wizards and the end up here at grimmauld place except this isn't Grimaud place this is Claremont SquarBridlington and it actually a reservoir unfortunately these gates are locked so we can't get into the Gardens for those of you who remember Harry comes out of these Gates onto the street to look up at number 12 grimmauld place except you can't see Grimaud place because only those who are secret keeper know that number 1What we did in the films was build a set a facade of these houses out of which number 12 magically appeared sometimes I just like to come and stare