This is the oldest city hall in continuous use in the country it's a city in national landmarks and it's considered one of the most beautiful public buildings of its error the building was completed in 1811 John McComb Jr and Joseph Francois Michel design the exterior in a French Renaissance style the calendar With campfire balustrade with another balustrade at the roof the Dome cupola holds the statue of justice this was the first American City Hall built in a park it was meant to say Boston and Philadelphia that New York had arrived the park contains an elaborate iNathan Hale and delivery Paul that recognises this is the side of the City's first public protest against the British the interior of City Hall is in American federal style it is several than MarkMarble staircase Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant ley instead herThe governor's room is at the top of the stairs it is served as a ceremonial office and reception room president James Monroe the Marquis de Lafayette and Dr Martin Luther King or a Monday celebrated here uncontended ask you enterprise collection of American portraiture council chamber ceiling murals representing Civic virtues gilded Mouldings a polished mahogany day and a life size statue of Thomas Jefferso city HallRadical Restorations through the years and will soon enter it's 200 third year of service there are regular tours of portions of the building so come see where history was made and where history continues to be made daily