In LondoAnd iconic new building checks both these boxes beauty and brains welcome to the Gherkin I love the Gherkin cuz I love curves there's something about that shape and it's one of the Gherkin is impossiblI think it take skyscrapers into the next evolution which is not just a batteries for high but a race for performance a century after the equitable building shadowy book the gherkins organic curving shape gives the impression of space and light you didn't want people to suddenly turn it on again I want people to look at it and it but not feel as though it was so dominant a buildinThe gherkins smart use of light is repeated inside it out of frame is a curved diagonal which means it needs no interior supporting columns also last people to be able to have not just the street view when they are floor to ceiling Windows but also to have those glimpse is down and back up towards the sky like a living creature with a computer for a brain the Gherkin even adjusts to London's ever-changing weatheIt a smart building it just to what we're doing running it cools herself down by adjusting the blind beautiful to me