12 hidden secrets in Central Park

Central Park West, New York, NY, Stati Uniti  

Perfect Little Planet

How's everybody it's a beautiful day and I'm hanging out at Central Park my favourite place in the city and say I'm going to take yoSecrets in the park where to find a hidden nature sanctuary navigate using a lamppost and even where to find some ruined but my favourite is the forbidden cave the sea where is only open for a few hours a week to make sure you take the schedule so you can actually get in here but it's a nice views over the lake and it always adding new trailer so it's exciting coming here here predates the survival from 18:09 to 20Next 51 location of this thing a secret to living it theExactly where it is but think of where the road intersect and check those intersections and that's how I found it was by no means a secreIt gets dark Angel complete apparently trains in the Halloween party in the park horizontal sometimes a vertical to the first university of string to numbers and evening post it on the west side of it even hear me say it with literally built in SwedeReassembly for the celebration and then bright herI'm here I mentioned in his place and throughout the garden to get these little plaques with quotes and it plays and then there's far is around it and just above Shakespeare's garden bench you can whisper and that died and here over here without camerCity on the west side just for there used to be a prominent African American community cuts seneca village buNorth of 96 Street is dead by this one type it down there and come down here