The museum is housed in a building with a former US lighthouse service depot it's a short walk south of the St George ferry terminaThe side of the street for light house and architecture bus the place is quite a history in one's how's the New York Maritime Hospital also known as the quarantine number for Ellis Island opened in 1892 health issues were held here as the first line of defence against infectious diseases burn the Complex in the 1850s after a series of epidemics the US lighthouse service took over this site in 1862 what houses were once very signal pretty and wellbeing at thThe Steeple was the King menTry and maintenance centre for lighthouses north of Sandy Hook it was also used as an experimental station and played an important role in the development of lighthouse technology in the United States as it grew the depot handle the construction and maintenance of huge lighthouse and lightship lenses it eventually included manufacturinQuiz in lighthouse structural members the development of electronic beacons in the 1920s and 30s severely curtailed work here during the second world war with the US lighthouse service now emerged into the coastguard it became more of a ship repair and outfitting space much of the work was eventually sent elsewherIn 1965 the museum building is surrounded by other original depot buildings they were abandoned for years but are now finally being restored a residential and commercial development project is scheduled for the site the 1868 administration building is an individual city landmark it's an excellent example of the FrencDial designed by architect Alfred bean mullet he was supervising architect of the US treasury and also designed the Old New York general Post Office that once stood in City Hall Park the museum includes a miniature White House displaying a collection of tiny white house replicas there's a map of area lighthouseM39 lenses be special lenses were created in France and first used in 1823 they have less mass and volume than conventional lenses and capture more oblique light from a light source this allows light from white houses to be visible over greater distances the museum provides educational programming lectures in space as well as in boat tours to nearby lighthouses they have plans to expand into a second building the museum. The Spectacular view of the city and Harbour