Love and London

If you're coming to London around Christmas time there are some lovely Christmas markets that you can visit while you're here I'm going to show you three of them and I've got a special festive freebie for you so watch the end of this video to find out how to get it winter wonderland is a world-famous ChristmaEvery year in Hyde Park and they have over 200 Bavarian hats that havSmithy festive drinks and food in little gifts that you can buy his love great place to start if you want to get some souvenirs or gifts for friends and family back home plus a glass of wine in bars and restaurants where you can eat and drink it have a great time let it grow has a very festive Christmas market on in has all the usual Christmas markets. You can rains lots of gifts here there's also I said it's got it so if you have any little ones you can take them to see Santa and there's a vintage spiegeltent where you can see a festive shoI want it every year is this winter cast of all there's lots of things usual Christmas market probably things to eat and drink and some shopping that you can do but there's also a pop-up site there's a Festival Theatre where you can see some shows and there's even a Finnish sauna that overlooks the River ThameIf any of those markets and you share a photo on Instagram #london so I can see and if you're visiting London in November or December make sure you download my free festive London God has lots of ideas of things to do and see here that will get you in the Christmas mood you can get that by clicking the car that's popping up here