Van Cortlandt House Museum

Broadway, Bronx, NY 10471, Stati Uniti

The oldest house in the Bronx a high Georgian building I'm dressed Fieldstone day 1748 the house features carbon grotesque masks over the front windowIt's a city and national historic landmark the house was built on land at the van cortland family own since 1661 they prosper by operatinPlantation and grist Mill and they were active in the Revolutionary War George Washington and WashingtoEquipment valuable government papers and records eventually put them in the family burial vault distance from the house owner of the homestead the film the house for 140 years the city in 1886 became the first museuAnd the land became van cortlandt park the third largest in the city the main rooms are also interior landmarks the house retains most of its original interior architectural features of formal East parlour is it exceptionally find Georgian design the fireplace has a richly Corbyn mental and overmantle the walls are completely crown buy an ornamental cornice the West Parley reflects the familiesBlue and white tiles around the fireplace the covers contain family China and glassware and yes this was the original colour scheme dining room work on here at the time people usually in various to find spacWell the original family China is on the table the wallpaper is reproduced from a sample found on the walls the Future King William IV of Britain died here as a young man and supposedly gave the carved wooden Birds now in the front Hall it's a gift to the family the second floor West bedroom is known as the Washington bedroom furniture and clothing reflect what it could have looked like when he stayed here John Adams later stayed overnight on route to Washington's inauguration the house is expensive enough that the national society of:ial daWe've always run a museum decorated this room to represent a typical Dutch home would look like in the 1600Courtlands first arrived in America with antlers had slaves for both farm and housework the museum speculates that how slaves would have slept here at the back of the Opera House with n Portland House Museum hosts um 250 school groups are here and there's a summer history kept in August a custom dose it is frequently on hand to aunA visit to the Verne Portland House will give you a sense of what the Bronx was like as an area of vast estate and Country home