What's Good London

What's good London today where the SW in Brixton I were the days it is very cold always fighting here is known for its really really good food in the Caribbean it's got a lot of stop popping up all the time does it cost it bites your everybody wants to be here to show you some really cool spots to come check it out major General is actually invalid mouth always dry your day was it on getting arrested or do they have alkaline juice factory and do exactly that lets her did you get the internal balance which is Redgrave pineapple strawberries and cover no one can I get the Builder which is cow parsley carrot ginger and apple alkaline it's definitely Monday if you want hand crafted beers with tons of flavoured freshers Brixton Brewery your joint why because you in London for joking aside all the gears are on point in the only use locally sourced ingredients now listen up kids only open on Saturday so don't turn up on Sunday like a Buster and be disappointed all right people pop Brixton containers stacked together the local community project for the people by the people were people from the Brixton area Casa Italia you're quite right it is it from food drink retail shops are going to be really really really really really really you going to the bowling green group on your Cross swimming at the lido working together it like being just like patty cake the bottom of your mates and if you're not into any of that because you're way too late just a cat alright alright honest I know we just got a new grill it's about 5 to 10 minutes away from Richmond Station to Stratford Jamaican Caribbean