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We then visited Göhren where we sampled freshly made German bread with generous amounts of butter and herbs before checking out a couple of local museums featuring traditional farming equipment, horse drawn carriage equipment and kitchenware. Nearby we cooled off at North Beach where hundreds flock to tan and swim.So good morning from Germany. It is day four of our big road trip around the country and today we are exploring around Rügen Island. So we have now arrived at a place called Königsstuhl at Jasmund National Park. And this is a world heritage UNESCO site and it is really well known for its white chalky cliffs. I'm sure most of you have seen the white cliffs of Dover. Well, Germany has something just like it.So this is our sweet ride for the day. We're going to be driving an e Trabi around the island. It is nice and colorful so I think we're going to make quite the impression on the roads.So this area is called North Beach and it is beautiful for strolling, maybe doing a bit of sunbathing and we have some great weather today so a lot of people are out just enjoying the sun.That's probably about three times as much butter as I would normally put on my bread but it tastes really good.We then visited a few local museums in Göhren which showcased life as it was a few centuries back. Their collection included a mixture of farming equipment, horse drawn carriages and furniture that would have found in local households.