The Tale of the Merlion

Bayshore Rd, Singapore  

Ashley Gibbins

The Tale of the mermaiA long time ago in the land of Malaysia the great prince Samuel with hammer was crowned King he was given along with Richard's and gifts abuse embed it with diamonds and rubies with his new found Riches that he left his home to find new Land the sea was not kind to him howeveIs he injured uncharted waters a darkstorm royal that the waves as they began to think it could not get anTerrible sea creature big and battering this ship from beneath the tides the king's son he did not know what to do with afraid that his mistake may have caused his crew their lives however a young say that experienced in the stories of the Seas offered him a solution she explained to hiUnhappy with them for intruding in their Waters but never sacrifice was made they could be forgiven steeling himself the king knew what he had to do going to the edge of the ship he threw his great crown into the ocean as the Crown sunk beneath the waves the clouds Clear review snow White cosplay it security school arrived any pictures of the island of face and creature iIt was a lie and it did not seem to welcome the Lions gaze landed on a king Ricky so it was advised not tThe creature something passed between us and understanding deeper than anyone could see closing it eyes the lion turned back and left the stand King in other of The Lion King song remains the Newlands lion City Singapore 3/4 Kings Cross the symbol of the more I understand god of the Seas working all you travel down to this very day