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It's the world's most popular museum of modern and contemporary art 5 million visitors a year only 20 years ago it was just the shell of a defunct power station on the banks of the Thames and now Tate Modern has the switch house a 10 Storey truncated folded. Perforated screen is over a third of a million bricks it expand the Museum by the Mall Galleries education spaces and a panoramic terrace it's the work of Swiss architects Herzog and de meuron designers of the original conversion which opened in 2000 the area around it has changed radically since then what was once a post-industrial derelict wolves and warehouses interspersed with social housing has become Prime real estate Tate Modern has been a key driver in the regeneration and subsequent gentrification and its heart is the terminal the brooding cavernous volume once inhabited by the hacking machines and now transformed into arguably London's greatest internal public space refer to it leica a city that you have at the square and the tower so I guess the way it's a kind of urbanism isn't it to it and it really like absolutely love to use the most energy that was lying within the this giving industrial structure structure by Scott building and I think even the new one has cannabis. Of the former power station the way you've chosen to articulated with this week and Vale and the default it emphasizes the height but it's a kind of software building in the way isn't it you need to talk it was a river in the blank water tablet this changes that orientation and makes them much more open doesn't it as well so sad Derek and the tens and the central London will be connected and that it makes for a walk so you can't even walk through the date which is the major Museum just as a normal pasta by you know you walk through it like to rupees about it and it where they are yes that wasn't very important to have this soft moment but I'll send it doesn't the robustness when you look in this for you see these concrete trusses which are very powerful also the amount of the notion of a monument it has some monumental scale but never should it be overwhelmed with the old building the power station the way they dress London was going to Curious Pig