Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA, Stati Uniti  

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For more than 40 years the mass of Central artery was the main highway slicing it's rusty Hawking way through downtown Boston effectively cutting off downtown Boston from its historic Harbour when boston's 15 billion dollar big dig project plans the elevator Broadway underground city found itself which in pine Orban Lancaster community seize the opportunity to enhance bust and City Life by providing additional parks and gardens to connect some of it oldest most diverse and vibrant neighborhoodFlourishing parks now welcome visitors from Boston and all the way around the world one of the largest urban Park projects in the country the Rose KennedKings urban Boulevard built on a pedestrian scale to Boston Dental downtown neighborhoods abiding the historic north and three acres of parts unimportant connection between the grand Civic spaces of quinsy market government centre in Haymarket and the intimacy of boston's oldest neighborhood historic freedom trail Eustace it will be elevated ordinary until the road was torn down but now it whines it's way through the parts of the north end this Five Acre Park in the wharf district is where the city meets the sea this park is the gateway from downtown Boston to Boston HarbouA popular feature is the mother's work where the walkway is built with Pavers commemorating caregiver sparks feature series of outdoor spaces with a comment painting Paving and lightingI'm living here in the area for almost 20 years and I walked this beautiful Greenway almost every single day and I still marvelettes how magnificent is having living the fort point channel it's very interesting to see that the rapid changes going on especially now that there's Greenway has completed little by little the four point channelPorters becoming the new Southend