It was the largest migration of young people in the history of America from every Direction they came from the biggest cities and from the smallest towns all bound for San Francisco in the summer of 1967 wynona's else has ever done before in this culture and that is to find a new way for whomever Minecraft grabbed it out of graphs to equations of graphs I can get rid of it human being san Francisco sun was shining people were wonderful you know two most of the country the being must have seemed like a world turned upside down a Harvard professor exerted the crowd to reject the traditional path to success I mean drop out of High School Dropout of College Dropout of graduates go into Trentham Mill good with motorcycles and rock music combination of affluence and anxiety is a crazy making combination to grow up with so you had a generation of kids who arrived at high school and then in college trying to make sensible world which they been told it is just Brandon wonderful in there's nothing to complain about anymore and that the other hand you look a little deeper into it and it's scary there was a GP show you leather material efforts is what life is all about because that is what in industrial Society and market economy can give you but what if that's not good enough