So in Singapore they have a ChinatownACAS Chinese influence and then they have a Little India which horse again Indian influence Arab Street west end of tenancy there's not much going on here I can see a golden dome of a mosque and I'm added further on this road is really action it So working for the East and Arab Road you'll find lots of fabric and garment shops lots of carpet shops How many get to the end of that lane or Street write your lap around to Haji Lane it is a really cool little ally with graffiti on the walls and the whole Ali is just left with little restaurants and cafes and Boutique shops and Mexican restaurant in a steak restaurant as well not really what I expected for Arab street area but it still really cool ItalIntersection about the lalley NR32 you can just go in any Direction and that General area of cyclohexane and all kinds of things to explore and then if you laugh around one more sort of the South but unfortunately most of the things you are