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Namaskar everyone this is a horse birthday party and now it's time to take you through some of the beauties in Mumbai as you all know Mumbai is huge it is full of three miles and hard labour us actors and gangsters and exotic species of animals it is also home to some of the grandest monuments on the planet one of it being the gateway of India let's go and seThe Beatles India is the Monument built century in Mumbai city of Morris Estate this boy beside Arc of:ial visa soldier Mumbai Harbour from the tip of Apollo bandar incorporating Islamic Style this design is a combinatio16th century architecture of Gujarat and elements of the Roman triumphal arch the Gate of India was built to honour the 1911 royal visit of King George V and was completed in 1924 built right next to the Taj Mahal Palace and tower hotel for British driving for the first time to India the gatSymbol of power and Majesty of thThese days it has become a popular Gathering Sport for all local and Italy for tourists visit Mumbai and now he says he's like the new thing so I said it was the monument has become a train