Mark Wiens

Thank you so mucAnd it's a it's a village setting it's pretty cool walking back here and there is a coffee shop or going to go to I'm going to drop off Union like it cuz it's way too hot to walk around and then is it 45 it's blazing hot and then I'm going to take the boaHello is it coffeeshop in an art gallery in a restaurant it's really beautiful and here it has some of the old Arabic charm to it yet it's Martin there's a c in here and through a nice place you can my car safely resting in the cafe I'm off to go take that one of the traditional boats across to the other side and go to the Spice market the Spice souAnd now I'm getting into that the textile market and this is this is a pretty cool traditional market you can walk through the Old lanes Nero lanes there's all sorts of clothes and textiles and souvenirs to buy within yeaHello thank you thank you thank you thank you I made it through the the textile souk and now I think this is the part right here I'm going to get to the boaDubai as compared to the hi-Tech skyscrapers that you I see about you bye You are right now tons of spices hello hello how are you So hot or would you that off and you can see there careful of the bones but that looks incredible