Air travel Europe don't worry you'll feel as though you travel abroad when you experience the wonderful mediaeval art and architecture at this extraordinary branch of the metropolitan Museum parts from five European Abbey's are incorporated in the building with its,nding architectural ScotlanThe closest it on 4 Acres within 4000 Park which was designed by Frederick law olmsted Jr the parks of Building and match of the collection was donated by John D Rockefeller Jr in the 1930s inside the gallery slow from the romanesque to GothicPicture of thousands of works of art from the 12th to 15tHighlights included call century apps from the church of St Martin in Puente doing yeah spend the frescoes show the Virgin and child and the adoration of the Magi The Painted wood crucifix is also from the 12th century the Unicorn tapestries are considered among the most beautiful art remaining from the late Middle Ages the sequel pursuing the Unicorn I missed your profusion of flowers plants trees birds and beasts all in vivid colours the Treasury contains works of Arden precious materials and finally painted manuscript to probox2 jewellerAlong with the works of art Christie's garden feature favoured in mediaeval times for their beauty and medicinal properties Gardens were designed for the light and enjoying that you're bound to be delighted exploring all the treasures for Christie's has to offer