My name is Kenneth Hoffman I'm director of education at the National WWII museum in New Orleans Louisiana this is the nations World War II Museum London has its own World War II Museum Moscow has a WWII Museum this is the World War II Museum for the whole country and so if you are from I like your from California if you are from New Hampshire any you're going to see something about your state your community is contribution to winning this war because this is really all of our story all of our historNavigatMuseums in New Orleans is off because of a couple of men are or founder is Dr Stephen Ambrose he was a very famous historian here in New Orleans he was the biography of President Eisenhower and Eisenhower said I see you live in New Orleans did you know me Andrew Higgins and Dr Ambrose said no he he passed away before I move to new or did Eisenhower said that's too bad he's the man who won the War For Us