The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore its history dates back to 1849 when it was started as a siTemporary at Singapore institution every locations the museum was relocated to its permanent side at Stamford Road at the museum planning area in 1887 the museum Focuses on exhibits related to the history of Singapore the museum is one of the four national Museums in the country the other three being the two Asian civilisations Museum centre Singapore Art News the museum was named the National Museum of Singapore in 1965 for a brief. b33 and 2006 it was known as the Singapore History Museum before reverting back to the previous name the museum Andre winner three and a half year restoration and reopened in 2006 with the Singapore history Gallery opening in the same year the Singapore history gala 1800m Square gallery located within the vicinity of the National Museum of Singapore the galleries doctorApproach and reeling different perspectives details of the past instead of using Museum labels to describe art of that the gallery uses an audio to device known as the companion to guide visitors around the gallery each companion comprises of an LCD display repair how to keep an which enables gets to enjoy audio visual and textual contact which complement the national Museums physical collection of artefacts the museum used to household best collection it was all logical items that were transferred to the National University of Singapore and other museums in the CommonwealtIt currently has 11 precious artifacts including the Singapore