The Haunted Bay

The Old mint in San Francisco a historic building one of the few to survive the 1906 earthquake at one time surrounded by death and destruction we've come to see if the Dead still remain here show me to submit in 1874 it's true importance appeared in 1906 I right after the 1906 earthquake the buildings survived without with minimal cosmetic damage they had previously installed as well that's it assistant underneath the Courtyard so they had a source of water as well so in the fires that followed the earthquake the building had water which nobody else did because all of the water metre broken so the people who are working here they said of a housing bucket Brigade from the cistern and the Courtyard all the way up to the roof they fight the fire for 8 hours 2003 temperatures are embers flying from everywhere I was he was so intense of the same stone on the outside of the building was exploding and the iron shutters that they had closed against the outside world turns red , space too high information codes I saw something the meditations and told me about the full time