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America this morning with waterparks it many people might over what it says on prime real estate right in the middle of crowded San Francisco John Blackstone takes it to the presidio and urban Oasis with a rich history I like the whole national park system collapse down the front part of the presidio Officers Club was built by the Spanish in 1776 18:ies in the east were forming this was Spanish territory territory this is the first building in San Francisco this is the real deal and he grew up around the City grew the post changed hands from Spain to Mexico and by 18:40 the United States its modern role as a place to live work and play is what sets you apart from other parks we were the first National Park to become financially self-sufficient 1800 housing units in the presidio and those have all been renovated in rented in their incredible number of families at Liver buildings that are office users we just leave them we have a whole collection of organisation that provide opportunities for people that play it was about welcoming the public creating great experiences but also supporting the park so that we can continue to be financially self-sufficient the National Park karratha University city is unique you can even with the Rangers at the end of the day