The Presbytere at the New Orleans' Louisiana State Museum

820 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70112, Stati Uniti  


He doesn't know where I live there's just so much to see and do you tip possibly put it all in for one thing you want to make time for it still really dig into the culture and history of New Orleans in Louisiana by visiting the Louisiana state Museum reopen this exhibit will bring with hurricanes in October and it was almost 5 years in the making and what we wanted to do was tell it katrina and also hurricane reader would a lot of people out there on the national audience might have forgotten about that think it allows people to understand what happened to understand that this is in most respects was a man made disaster and then he stayed here for the storm in for some weeks after the storm kept a day-to-day egg And it's a pretty amazingWe were able to get that off of the wall DW Cooper housing projects before it was demolished so we were saving a piece of history but also some very strong emotions at the time so it's it's a pretty special effect and when I get to see in the rest of the exhibitor all the amazing costumes and ball gowns and crowns or TrumPatients until we tried to give them a little taste tomorrow and then it might not be here for the actual thing if you want to experience what it's about the culture of the most soulful City this is the way to do it