The 19th century Hermann grima House Museum captures daily life during New Orleans golden era this elegant federal mention was commissioned in 1831 by Samuel Herman a German Jewish immigrant who made his fortune in cotton together with his wife Marie Becknell their three sons and their daughter Meriva the Romans used the grand double parlour for fine dining and entertainment behind the main house at Courtyard garden led to the service area near the end blogger tended to the daily chores today docentOpen hearth cooking techniques in the outdoor kitchen in 1844 judge Felix grammar purchaseThe judge and his wife Marie Sophie Montague enjoyed life on a lavish scale The Dreamers their children and their Creole Descendants lived here through the early 1920s in the mid 1920s the home became a boarding house operated by the Christian woman's exchange today painstakingly restored the Hermann grima House Museum depicts though fibre prosperous Creole family in Mid 19th century New Orleans wyn Centennial moments I brought to you by the mirror foundation and presented in association with the historic New Orleans collection