Telestrator is it law reporting live inside the Grammy Museum here in Los Angeles and I'm enjoying by what is your name Katie Donna position herCan you give us some highlights of the museum genres of music into that we talked about music history we celebratThe recording process and lastly The History degree it's really interactive multimedia museum with the music so upstairs we have something called the crossroads table 164 music eclipse are we having dinner on third floor called in the Studio with 8 different paddling go through one step of the reporting process of the famous producer engineer interactively you're the one making the decisions that really kind of determine what the final pricSo how is this museum different from the other one saying Hollywood for example forest Museum store at 30 cross the US there are really small or we really cover up fasJordan's Arm Museum, we don't take everything from Hawaiian to death metal Motown barber shops and everything inbetween roar like the studio experience so I'm really attractive as well and I just looking at stuff on on the walls but doing it yourself