The A.V. Club

One of the most important spots in New Orleans music is easy to overlook and when you're here in the French Quarter nothing really stands out of left it slime with me and self Preservation Hall looks a lot like just another old building so when you've been producing some of the city's most of the fibre in jail for 50 years you don't really need this out today and the be talking with Lloyd Miller the Venue manager of preservation HalThis actually was a music venue I was a lot of other things can you tell us about it about what went on your before bands played 1870 most recently before it was an art gallery run by a man by the name of reborns discovered that he could do that better if you stayed open lateBloody hell have something sorted going on in order to do so so he found on his wonderful elder jazz musicians some of them are playing around town some of them hadn't played in a long time but it really started out playing with that you're not the first and second generation of jazz players ever it went from being associated artists Gallery to being preservation HalWhen Alexandra Jaffe came down and they really just happened into the store into the scene of just people hanging out this music being played barebones just about the music in the men playing it fell in love with it and that's what they wanted to preserve was that experience for people what's the reason for the game so that all renovation of the actual space it's the Press variance that walAnd just keeping it as much as the weather was it passed everything is going to move forward everything always will but you know they have a Haven we can still come and experience the way it was that's pretty