Where in South San Francisco going to a bowl of the sandwich institution accidentally letters displayed specialises in obscenely large Italian Deli sandwiches as big as your head if your head is enormous an oblong shaped with little Lucas really specialises in which is tiger bread in Dutch crunch bread which is the special Kind of bread is treated with a rights based on the outside talking really wonderful country showing in Outlook and texture going to try a few of these incredible sandwiches in their famous for and will accept it hello hello little mama the child is born in South San Francisco The Once and Future King not one not two but three enormous sandwiches for which I can play it 3 sandwich Monty where did I hide it we have the tri tip special even we have become the classic little Lucca combo so why don't we have an unveiling ceremony you know if you can see through the paper that it's going to be good sakura part I'm so proud and I know what a parent feels like now that's good to still enormous it still has all the girls in the house that's another great things about the other so much is what you win a mountain equipment have to be 10 times better that's what this is this place is so small in modest and basic in the best sense of the word but they produce a great product in a very reasonably priced when to sow a little because I love you don't change