This is Armstrong Park named after the great jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong it is located in the treme neighborhood just across rampart Street from the French Quarter it's a great place to take a stroll have a picnic or even catch many of them instead it off it it's New Orleans Best Kept Secret the park itself is beautiful you can walk along Laguna on one of its many bridgeEnglish pointer dogs changed America greenery and old oak trees just like the man is named after this part is all about the music on any given day there are sounds to be heard that the jazz in the park castle series is a free music festival that takes place every Thursday for eight weeks in the spine and 8 weeks and 4 it's your chest eBay local chefs discover handmade crafts and listen to truly free music week after week local and national recognised and take the stage it's also the home of the New Orleans jazz national historical park where you caOrigin of New Orleans music in on Saturdays hit the perseverance Hall to enjoy every Sunday 8 o'clock a drum circle cargill Square anyone has to participate but it's always ok just to watch if you're in town then Armstrong Park is definitely that you don't want a minute I'm happy Johnson as always you're at home in