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Better Kendal library before the job started it was very cold and inviting you could not see him or is he out so one of the objectives was to open it up make it visible to the public make it a warmer environment and make this an inviting place to come and visit this project was done in two phases first phase is actually where we are now incorporates the team maker space and children space and then also the non-fiction in iSecond phase was much bigger phase in a ball the complete overhaul or the MEP systems the balls than Hall down on the lower level entire exterior Facade with all the new Glasgow where is Salford elevators and mysterious like the library this project was a 40 millioRenovation of the Central Library branch of the Boston public library was a pretty extensive renovation including major structural changes removal of entire floor of the library full electrical hvac upgrades as well as a massive architectural Renovations files opening uWilson Street all the products we do our complex this one was a little bit different just because of how many people came to visit at the library and every single day they have over 12000 program that they offer to the public and we really had to communicate with the library on a daily hourly basis to make sure that those programmes were being interrupted one of the biggest part of this product was iSection between the Johnson darling in the Kimberley originally the only connection between the two buildings was of double screen door we increase the size of that opening from double screen door to Bar 55 30 open that involve the demolition of Horsham load bearing wall from the existing the Kimberley to build the late 1800s with all the delays that will cause that they can become connector body the library bar at the Grand opening day was very much in question and once we kinda said there's no way this is going to get done we all put our heads together to figure out a way to get it done so from that day on we had daily stand-up meeting theAnd we did everything that we could stay on track in postural if