San Francisco Dance Film Festival

DJ project we produce San Francisco film festival called the collaboratory the collaboratory is a film project which we select local filmmakers and local choreographers inter them together to each creative Dance film it just one week at home convert Communities Together because I was born as you probably know even though the cast of film equipment comes down filmmaking still has a budget and this is where we need your help we proceeded general grant from the Training Foundation that will cover some of the cast so we need your help to get the rest of the way there are days 10000 hours which is less than a quarter of the true cost of production your donations to help cover the cost of location equipment visual effects and the crew to make the magical happen we don't just want you to help us make this happen we wanted to be a part of it no matter where you are you can Witnesses corporation if you don't it will get special access to behind the scenes streaming of a weekend production will be filming b******* film at the eye studio for 3 days and all three days will be streamed online for your and you're check out the trailer from last year's San Francisco dance Film Festival where we screen some of the best films from around the world