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I think people are attracted to living on a boat and having a sort of lifestyle it a Ford some is just toWeather bit difference it's quite it's interesting it's fine in other than the senior is forever changing the lights always fantastic and it can't just get the creative juices flowing we sell to lots of musicians actors designers artists with this particular boat it was designed just to maxima so there's obviously Collin big skylights big all all all the windows and quite large so they let in the lighIt's just been designed to be comfortable living really I mean you've got a nice fully fitted kitchen he's got a top Deck and bottom deck to really good sized bedrooms and it's just just well-proportioned Andrea penistone desigPurchasing a houseboat is different to purchasing a property they tend to be very hard to raise finance on marine mortgages are just very expensive and difficult to get so we always sell boats to cash purchaserThere's also other chargers that you will need to consider there a morning and maintenance charges and a boat needs a quite a bit more maintenance to their bricks and mortar type property you will need to get a boat surveyed and out of the water and dry docked whole scraped and painted again about every 67 years or so there's definitely a lot morTake into account as the differences between the living on a houseboat or a studio flat or probably quite huge while so probably just just the interest the you get when you discuss with people that you live on a boat is huge I don't suppose you get that mucIf you live in a studio flats it's just a great spot on it obviously been and Chelsea as well this sort of price this particular about it being sold for probably wouldn't get you I can have a garage or parking space