Boston's Midtown/Downtown Neighborhood

58 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108, Stati Uniti  

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Naked by the Boston Common the financial district in government Centre by the relatively new residential neighborhood midtown which continues to move towards a 24/7 live in work on Clive Road in the heart of the city anchoring midtown on one end is the Boston CommoOldest parks in the country 50 acres of land the Common is gold necklace of parkways that string through Boston the location of numerous Theatre and musical events is also home to the frog pond which offers ice skating in the winter downtown Crossing is a shopping District just east of the commoTottenham vs restaurant in small business establishments it's also neaPart of downtown Crossing is a pedestrian mall in it's closed to traffic founded in 1660 the Granary burying ground is one of boston's oldest cemetery is Paul revere in three signers of the Declaration of Independence have had their final resting place here 6 Chapel is house in eighteenth-century structurDowntown images of Jason to the King's Chapel burying ground the side of many graves of historical figures and the oldest cemetery in Boston the old city hall is one of the few remaining French second Empire style buildings in the country built between into an 1865 it located on the Freedom trail and it's now home to an upscale Steakhouse Restaurant