Mysteries to find something that is difficult or impossible to understand we here the mysterious bookshop specialise in mystery espionage and crime fiction The Mysterious bookshop is special for a few reasons one we've been in business for 34 years in Coffee bookshop in the country we also have the largest collection of Sherlock Holmes materiaFanFiction to pastiche to scholarly works we have it all were the first shops to specialise in signed first editions we're not a pencil for start of the shop that can 79 not many bookshops were asking office to come in and sign and we were the first people to do that and it became a huge stingray now everybody wants signed books everybody wants imfursIs a tremendous camera if you look on the New York Times bestseller list every week at least have the books on their mystery fiction and I don't think people realise as much work as much when it comes to the genre is fantasy or science fiction usually have some people separate either way but misery fiction just encompasses so much literary mystery fiction new thrillers all that kind of stuff just kinda comes together in this one great package in mystery fiction in mystery readers I think I the greatest people in the world just because they're the most enthusiastic most knowledgeable and the most willing to be challenged with everybodyA good mystery challenges the reader a teacher or somethinText them to solve the impossible which is something that everybody wants to do curiosity of solving a crime beard of Murder or a burglary or something like that just changes every reader to to get in there try to solve the crime or Sofia The Mysterious bookshop is the best app in the world we all love mysteries it easieGet hard here to know your mystery but it's one of those things that we all have different areas of expertise are we all love reading and we all of mystery Fiction come visit us at the mysterious bookshop located at 58 Warren Street New York New York