55 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA  


Once you're in that world of the Unexpected remind opens up last pianos hanging over a sidewalk is a very unexpected experience reminds me of walking through a forest and yet it's with incredibly unnatural forms what you experience is 13 glass and steel pianos at the side of the building at night there's light that moves through these fragile forms referencing and working with the sound of Enrico Caruso voice set of the research was done in the neighborhood one of the oldest business as well as a piano company rating for that piano company it was a sinkhole in there till the sink hole with a piano this neighborhood was also a battery neighborhood so that really influence the material that we were going to use the glass and steel in the nearest thing was in the research that we did about Chris so we discovered that he embrace new technology of the time and that new technology with sound recording this area where is the sculpture is is the new technology so we thought it was very interesting to take his original recordings and it have that relate in some weights or work see the lights so what we were looking to do was have something it was immediate and easy to synchronising radio was the only option that we could find so if you sit and watch these glass forms illuminated at night and listen to a radio broadcast each of those songs has a completely unique composition and was away ranged and directed much like you would Direct actors on stage that are looking at the computer screen larger than life hang off the side of a building darling really satisfying experience is kind of being surprised by your own