They were going off the grid in New York City to check out an immersive dining experience that seems rip Street from a Hitchcock film do bananas have done the now iconic masks in into the night like complex. Angel for the past 3 years to see the show sweetmila1 now the mind behind the experience of creating a restaurant that goes with what is going on with the immersive dining in York City and if things don't stay the same with me it because of the experience that you gave me you don't need a ticket to the show crime Chelsea Building the menu was obscure British and the inspiration for the project came from any unlikely sources when we first started to conceptualize this who wanted to be a 1930s new York train car restaurant but with Scottish English fare gabz under websites to pay it all into this year maybe theatrical elements but it's far from your average music awesome I find us a private you tucked into your fare filling father considered very unlucky is probably the factors of very expensive commodity in the past if you still sore doing it would it turn your belly look around if a person fart with your right hand over your left shoulder I feel really feel like a secret funeral Times Square nothing like that at all good restaurants in is constantly innovating in the kitchen to stay fresh but this one of a kind when you take creativity to the next level finding a meeting point between the Seas restaurant and Theatre World's End Amazon average January 12th July place for exactly where it starts from within restaurant videos visit slow