54 Sydenham Hill, London SE26 6TU, UK  

London Wildlife Trust

My name is Daniel greenwoods I work the London Wildlife Trust I'm the project officer responsible for Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox's walk and I work with a group of volunteers the manager with practically to work days on it move it back with your left hand but they would give it diagram january last year was incredibly wet and it was a real challenge working out in it but the thing that kinda gets you through iThe volunteers on a workday I come onto the site and I walk around seeing if there's anything that you know remind me to work on that bonus of emergencies man abouFind me the volunteers and everyone signs in and we decide what we're going to do for the day we have a list of tasks and then we start work we are we going right and heading on the top we do the pasta conservation or possibly a survey this is a pond survey and there's a juvenile newt we have lunch about 12:3Get working in the early afternoon and finish about sort of 4 o'clock there are incredible green spaces with an incredible amount of wildlife they're very much worry about attention in a neeThe biggest challenge really is working with people particularly visitors because London more that just made the site open to the public also wanted it protective for its wildlife so we have to balance the access and the conservation