The tavern is known as a place where George Washington babe farewell to his troops in 1783 after winning the Revolutionary War but the buildings history and converses a lot more than that famous dinner the Francis Tavern Museum celebrates the cities in the buildings role in:ial u revolutionary war in the early RepublicIs it history to 7 when it was erected as an imposing home it suffered a series of fires in the 1830s serrations in a variety of uses through the years the sons of the Revolution at the state of New York save the building from destruction by buying it in 1900 the group restored it to he and don't forgetRestaurant in 1907 it's one of the city's earliest designated landmarks some other notable events the provincial Congress of the workmen year in 1776 George Clinton New Oxford American governor posting George Washington here to celebrate the evacuation of British troops from New York when is the Nation's capital the tablet how the first officers of the department of foreign affairs war and treasury Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr down here it a public Gathering in 1804 quick before their infamous duo banana Samuel Francis was in really patrioHelp fast with the Sons of Liberty in the good for you party today the Long Room where George Washington wallpaper