There's a minute from all over the world Iranian Armenian Lebanese Armenian Armenians from Armenia we actually have one of the biggest diasporaOne of the cultural elements that binds all ArmenianIt is our love for food when you go to an arming in home the entire dining room table will be filled with string cheese and cracker bread if it goes in but it again who was in trouble their and they're like screaming at the children to get out of the kitchen it coming from the other time in it just like this okra a fruit it's like this big production seriously I mean seven living in California for a very long time they basically help create the agricultural community in the San Joaquin ValleWhat sentence has the biggest population of Armenians outside of Armenia every time I make something I remember it is my mother or my mother-in-law in 1975 the Civil War started in Beirut Lebanon we arrived in La with nothing in our pockets my father reassured my mother that with her home style home the Armenian recipes that they were 16 And surely he was right