If so unique there's nothing like it it's so we talked about the Golden Gate Bridge that's fine it's obvious choice but sutro tower is like nothing else I want it when a dog comes in this point stick up above the fog back I mean that's a surface this could have it that's it that's what surface is going I lived in the heat I lived on masonic and social car waI watched it being built everyday and I knew exactly what it was being built the tower was going to be the answer for the region in for the people who lived in the nine County the area all these hills and all the interference as you get with Communications in south central Tower served in absolute nessus install that there are 11 TV stations here for radio stations there's also first respondersWireless company so there's a lot of Riley appear as far as companies using the Sony store tower was constructed in 1972 for 1973 it's a steal ocean similar to the Bay Bridge Euro to the Golden Gate Bridge there's about three and a half million pounds of structure of the above the ground that the size of a pretty good war ship that the United States Navy might have an Anchor in all of that into the ground as about £15000000 of concrete but that's where it is a great pleasurSeptum recommendations that came from a pluAbout the attention we should pay to sutro Towers we set up an oversight group and then on an ongoing basis we get a building inspection department whose responsibility it is to be assured it remains as structural is all it as it iI have never seen a structure like this and I need anybody that it is unusual things people see all the time in San Francisco II it very safe Francisco think of it it's kind of the tuning fork usuaTarrant place I can get where I'm going and there's never forget painted white and orange they are Rangers International arms and it's done basically to allow airplanes to see the Towers that they won't Collide into it it really is