Architects career in Hastings created a buzz or masterpiece held as one of the most beautiful buildings in the country the Lions guarding the entrance are two of the best known and most beloved statues in New York they sending steps creator processional entryway the Facade is Richard ornamental detail elaborate statuary current monumental Archers court case stones and intricately moulded bronze doors the beauty Richmond Tea Rooms and detailing continue inside Astra Hall the main lobby is over 70 feet long with a vault some 374All of marble staircase is rice and other side opulence of the building is a moving inscription describing the buildings purpose the library is a gift from the city to be maintained as a free library for the peoplAnd it scription on the floor states that a Lithuanian immigrant was so grateful to the library he lifted his estate so that others could continue to benefit the lobby goddess manhole is regularly used for exhibitions the card would ceiling is an exhibition in itself octagonal panels contained winged figures cherubs SATA masks fruit garlands and foliage and the north side of the lobby the glorious lineup incuVery old map division view some of the 420000 maps and atlases in the library collection it's the most used public map division in the world the DeWitt Wallace.ical bobby Southside contains a wonderful murals and buildings that one's house New York book magazine and newspaper publishers including the long-lost newspaper That one's faced City Hall the third floor contains even more Richard the barrel vaulted McGraw Rotunda features wall murals by Edward lanning of a mythical and biblical scenes for more art the Edinburgh and Solomon room contains early portraiture much of it from the collection of the Lenox library which is absorbed into the present library the third floor hallways also feature rotating exhibitions other libraries material all this leads finally to the Rose reading room a vest commentarMy new metal Windows painted ceiling of sky and clouds as to the sense of openness from the giant chandeliers to the city seal car denGibran drillings along elevated Walkways to enriched Mouldings the message is that books learning and people are important