Expiration without science is Adventure in probably nothing more than that my name is Will Grossman and I'm the executive director of the explorers Club next time it is in organisation it was formulated with the intent to explore and to advanced scientific exploration the collection is a reminder of great accomplishments and UK building without saying extraordinary things remember the first to the North pole or South pole amundsen. To the summit of Everest infected me Hillary was or Henry present First to the deepest point of the ocean done washing window to the Marianas Trench in 1960 which airport car and of course 1969 when Neil Armstrong Collins and Aldrin went to the moon with a plaque outside there's a space there for the first member to walk on Mars any other individuaIt been extraordinarily important to hide all was a very prominent member and he had a serum that at the Polynesian Islands were populated by South Americans before 1947 he's got a National Geographic another organisatioThe idea and then it came to the explorers club he presented what he had hope to do any utilise the Globe outside to actually exhibit white his expedition would include and why it was important and instantly are members so or that there was some error there and we not only help them raise the money but helped organise the expedition other things that I love or do we morally paintings that are in or homework for anyone that did American Museum natural history and seen the famous 8pa diagraThe paintings from which they were created many of the stuffed animals so they speak they are we having a trophy room very much represented different era they were actually but I'm originally meant for the American Museum of Natural History 7 Packwood the American Museum naturaAnd it subsequently ended here we have a yeti scalp that was brought here by moral importance of mutual Omaha fame and Sir Edmund Hillary that was used to actually show that it really wasn't a yeti scalThen after two member James Cameron was probably better known for being a director when people apply for a flag to carry on their expedition they have to prove that what they doing is extraordinary in different and I think that's a great indication of what a clip stands for the extraordinary people the ordinary all in the name of science