Peter lawfords builders house around 178Ancestors had settled in Brooklyn more than 120 years earlier the leopards family eventually on one of the largest farms in Kings County and I helped develop the town of Flatbush and prospect lefferts Gardens em commercialEncroaching at the Holmes original location and Cypress Avenue the family give a house to the city to preserve it and it was moved to Prospect Park in 1917 it's a lovely example of a Dutch style farmhouse the game roof slopes down the overhang abroad porch Grace by slender columns the roof and exterior is the family prosper the house was updated with it lab rat touches the federal style door with delicate carving elliptical arches ceiling medallions in the beautiful curved staircase the room show how the family would have lived around 18:2 museum also acknowledges that the leverets once on slavesDemonstrate how Native Americans once lived in the area outside a working Farm along with vegetable patches and medicinal plants the museum produces flax is the Liver to another family member in the 1850s as well as an original toll booth there's a lot of experience at the leopards house and the museum has many programs for all ages so coming in where are look at world Brooklyn