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More than one of boston's most culturally which neighborhoods is often referred to as Boston Little Italy this one square mile Waterfront community is known for its fine dining amazing cafes delicious gelato and colourful personality is surrounded by water on Three Sides the North End was an early harp of CommercWhen was the side of the first settlements in the new city of Boston the neighborhood is packed with restaurants and virtually all of them Italian and the locals carefully maintain their deeply rooted ties to Italian culture the Hawkins Steel of the central artery built in the 1950s turn the North End into a dark hidden cave and divided it from the rest of the city dust noise in upheaval Cars by the big dig project the North End has once again become inaccessible treasure the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway makes it easy to navigate from the Haymarket t stop directly to the North End Hartshill bearing ground the Old North church and Paul revere's house can be found along the Freedom trail and then or than it is also home to a number of sophisticated eateries and fashionable boutiques Harris Tweed is always buzzing with activity trackers double parking and loading cases of wine and crates of it what rhymes with line the street as gelato Reading to rassada past elderly folks sipping espresso and speaking in Italian flowers blooming in window boxes cobblestone sense of garlic pecorino in cured meats from the open doorways If you have a sweet tooth North End Bakeries or abundant with small tables is easy the linger Over Coffee gelato in a myriad of pastries while sipping a comparing Maria's pastry shop is near the fountains along the Greenway and it's where the locals go for homemade Italian cakes cookies candies breads and marzipan shape