UC San Francisco (UCSF)

Because of the structure of ucsf we attract people from all over the world and all kinds of disciplines to get great scientists are MGs are dinosaur nurses and pharmacists get trained together and so is really had a significant impact on HealthCare not only in California but throughout the world we do this because we are providing a unique and much needed service not just for the Citizens of San Francisco but really for people who benefit from my research people look to ask for the next train the next initiative not only on the Education side but also on the research site so we are driving the engine were driving the train for the country all of us are aware of this culture of service that it is just part of our DNA here so much of what we do is trying to improve the entire community were riding middle of the Bay area in Silicon Valley so there's lots of opportunity to interact with industry and professionals that are highly creative and innovative from other worlds for example we became very interested in video games and we are now experimenting with mechanics in video games that allows us to use them as diagnostic tools and therapeutic tools so that we can learn about the brain it a very dynamic wag1 my name is are the leader take care of children who otherwise would not have great access to medical care my work is mainly focused on children with leukaemia I do both laboratory and clinical research and the mission of the research is to take novel genomic discoveries from Milan and bring them into clinical practice for clinical trial childhood cancer obviously doesn't just occur in San Francisco or United States of the work that were doing at ucsf ripples out to affect clinical trials all over the world