Is the oldest major League Baseball Stadium currently in use welcome to watchmojo.coAnd it'll be continuing our series of the most important buildings in Sport with a look at Fenway Park construction of Fenway Park began in 1911 at for ya ke Wei near Kenmore Square in Boston Massachusetts by the time the bar Park opened on April 20th 1912 what's the stadium had reached $650,000 what about 15 million in today's dollarWay has been the Humber part of the Boston Red Sox baseball club ever since and has undergone hundreds of millions of dollars and Renovations since it opened amazingly every Red Sox home game at Fenway since May 15th 2003 has been sold out friends of the team by 2008 Red Sox nation help sell at Fenway for a456 consecutive Red Sox game and this broke and major League Baseball record earlier in its life anyway accommodatOne of biggest stars Babe Ruth spend his embryonic years in this Boston Building and help the Red Sox secure World Series titles in 19t16 and 1918 however he was then sold to the arch rival New York Yankees and this part the alleged curse of the bambino in 1934 a scoreboard was added to the park and at the time it was held as a technical Marvel today the score is still updated by hand from behind The Wall in the 1940s Baseballs best hitter ted Williams 406 batting average in 1941 gave him the distinction of being the last player to hit over 400 for a full season