Hear something about boring sometimes you have to be back sometime or sometimes you have to be there more political jokes are just quiet sometimes but you are still going to be comfortable with yourself because you're right up in their grill or in their personal space and when you're in somebody's personal space they can tell when you're not secure with yourself or for I have confidence in what year make the result as in a bit and I can never be happy with their hair cut what made you move out here it says it's gone I was getting a little worn out on New York Sunday believe in all that it was being and I said to get the big head about me and it wasn't who I was it was taken away from the passion of my career a long ahead that's what I love about this up as we're just herself man I've got my own mug for straight razors and razor blades I love for pin-up girls think you know I am saying when you come in your at the barbershop we love what we do we are get along then what else do you need I haven't reinvented the wheel you know how the small contingency you feel hairdresser the Barbary have cleaned up the trading giving it traction again but I don't think that the trend is really affecting me too much in my Decisions of what I do as a barber wonderful