301 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA  

The Bar Association of San Francisco

Association for the heartless the members of the community more broadly to think of this is Sparta the boss mission statement is basically the whole products to help others advance in the community if you want to become lawyers to help people in the community who have legal needs is it up diversified the Bar Association in at the Bar Association does I think it doesn't equal amount of good for members it's a 20 members and for the general public the parcel station is seven sister is an entity that is here for the pump well I think the one thing that is very unique about the seven sister Bar Association is it it's been around for over 120 years so it's actually grown as the city is grandma name is founded in 1978 which is really want so much is going to city became the Western outpost the United States with tan or Bondi first during World War II. Separate moving even today with you lot of work and diversity it is the very well known organism spotify attorney's by even where is because we want to do something about the world were not as passive participants in our society where were active were involved we make things happen and part of what is so great about the bus station in San Francisco is it gives you that that for him to do those things it has already established programs and services Brechin showing and actually improve people's lives it's a given organisation the members are people with heart and I'm very proud to be part of it