Camping Brean from the New York landmarks Conservancy where is the New York botanical garden in the rocks for another tourist in your own town excursion the entire garden is a national historic landmark all 250 acres of plants flowers trees and buildings Calvin fox laid out the first design and the Ulster Brothers develop roadways out of circulation the 126 year old garden is a living museum a major educational institution and renowned research and Conservation organisation it's also simply Beautiful the garden was first proposed by to botanists Nathaniel Lord Burton and his wife Elizabeth they were inspired by the Royal Botanic London N1 it is beautiful a garden for me work the Enid Hutt conservatory is the symbol of the garden a Victorian style glass house designed by lord and Britain in 1896 it was restored top to bottom by beyer blinder Belle in the late 90The conservatory feature is rotating plants in x the glorious annual orchid show here as well as a popular holiday train show featuring City landmarks made from plant material the garden oven features exhibitions compliment what's the colourful glass sculptures by Dale chihulThe Marx library is the world's most important research library about plan sand horticulture the library also dates to 1896 and was designed by Robert w Gibson as a large English Country House he wanted scale to measure the garden the library holds an extraordinary collection of botany and horticultural works and serve scientists collars and Argu everyone enjoys theYellow rose garden with 650 varieties of roses the garden was designed by Beatrix farrand in 1916 and also ranks among the world's best the Rock garden Rose hundreds of alpine flowers and rare woodland plants alongside a tumbling streaThe garden also 50 acres of old growth forest the remains of New York's original would it landscape there are 30 dating to the American RevolutioFreedom or varieties 177 year old Stone Mill the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building in the country now a restaurant in event space it was ground to Becca lorillard brothers who had a tobacco business in the Bronx in 1792 this is just a sample of the Landscape you can enjoy the New York botanical garden also holds regular lectures exhibitions family events and hands on garden seOf course you can just come and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the garden it's wonderful atheism