Things To Do In Chinatown Singapore

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Hey guys and welcome to Chinatown Chinatown is certainly one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore I mean everybody knows that but once you get here what are you do you don't want to think of Chinatown as an attraction that you want to go and visit for a couple of hours because chinatowns a place has almost like 10 different attractions within itself even to a casual tourist it's going to take at least the whole day for you to explore China Town so let's take a look at what you can do in ChinatowDoes the Buddha tooth relic templThis is a new Buddhist temple built in 2002 and have something special Buddhist food as you can see it's been built beautiful and it also has a museum inside the next popular attraction is the Sri mariamman temple in Chinatown this is the oldest Hindu temple in all oA temple with a long history and some very interesting gods and goddesses it's Bolton dravidian for Tamil style so you're going to see a lot of interesting statues here the main chamber is closed in the afternoons so make sure you go either in the morning or the eveninAdmin in Chinatown for a couple of hours you might want to get a foot massage but don't go to human massage in Chinatown you can get a massage from Fresh now the fish bar is located on Pagoda Street it's called alleviate Fish Bar and it's actually great for couples who can sit together and get a nice massagAnother fantastic attraction is the Chinatown Heritage Centre it's a very unassuming building located right in the middle of China Town but it has a lot of historical photographs and told you how China Town was formed and developed from the very beginning I would say ChinatowBy itself it's one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore you can buy a lot of souvenirs in Singapore but if you want to get a unique souvenir get your name written in Chinese calligraphy in Chinatown it's going to cost you $10 but it's nicely wrapped up and it will last you for the rest of youDoes the stadium parking temple the oldest temple in Singapore it was originally built for the sea goddess mazu but now you can see confuses you can see Buddha and you can see it's made into a general Chinese temple this is an amazing place to visit ok let's move on to shopping it's almost impossible to get out of China Town without buying a few things flashy trinkets are sold on Street shops at very cheap prices souvenirs come at a price of 3 for $10 and most tourists clothes toys earrings t-shirtBags winteCeramics and the list goes on and on of the people who try to sell you antiques and always double check the authenticity of the items you can also see some bizarre items on the streets of Chinatown you can see snake oil and crocodile oil being sold and D stores havVirus with snakes and others are animals inside them you can borrow gain in some of the stores but some stores have fixed price to if you're not much of a walker write the treasure around Chinatown even better you can take a guided tour of the whole place with treasure on calLet's move on to restaurants in Chinatown dining in Chinatown is a must and there are many authentic Chinese Restaurant to stimulate your taste buds the Maxwell food centre is a giant Chinese food court and it's the most popular dining area in the locality Stackpole restaurant on Smith Street known for its traditional Guangdong cuisine other good restaurants in Chinatown or absent eight treasures vegetarian and make it on June the 3rWe have covered a lot of ground or ready but if you still have time you can visit the Naga Naga shrine this is a Muslim Temple Bar 2% the design is based on the original shrine in Nagoya in India I hope you liked my little list of things to do in Chinatown please subscribe thank you very much for watching and see you later